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Stem devices for wireless auto-organizing networks

Stem networks are able to auto-set up, auto-regulate, and auto-organize. Auto-organization is handled on a level of single stem unit. A stem unit is a hardware and software binomal in which the hardware is set to a minimum while the software predominates. Amongst the single units there has to be a functional and architectural modeling.

Reconfiguration takes place through two levels:

  • on a physical level and MAC level: intra-stack reconfiguration;
  • on higher levels: possibility to have different roles or modes (intra- stack reconfiguration or multimodality).

By knowing the behavior methodologies and technologies of the stem units in different situations, one can model their cooperation to compensate possible inefficiencies or malfunctions from surrounding nodes or select a “behavior” in order to adopt a common strategy for a broad-based goal.

The ultimate goal is to study, analyze and implement solutions for wireless multi-hop  telecommunications networks that allow the use of stem devices.


P.R.I.N. 2009


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